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Hans Zimmer: Music in the Making

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Essay Preview: Hans Zimmer: Music in the Making

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Sony Corporation of America:

Example of Corporate Philanthropy

Steven Hawley and Tim Reel

University of Central Missouri


This paper observes four published Internet sites that provide information about Sony Corporation of America (SCA) involvement in corporate philanthropy and its activities with communities and the World. The articles provide detail to how the SCA has improved and enriched people's lives through corporate philanthropy. SCA has used corporate philanthropy in a variety of fields: arts education; arts and culture; health and human services; civic and community outreach; education; the environment; and volunteerism (Sony USA, 2011). SCA uses philanthropy mainly to emphasis education and volunteerism. Culver City, California is SCAs headquarters. Quick assistance has been provided by the SCA during large scale disasters such as major hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and the attack on the World Trade Center. Spiritually, philanthropy is part of the culture of Sony in America. Food has been collected for the poor; homes have been built for the unfortunate; polluted waterways have been cleaned up. As can be seen through its efforts in the "Green Partner Environmental Quality Approval Program" (Sony Corp. Info., 2011), Sony in America is working beneficially to improve the communities and the entire World.

Keywords: corporate philanthropy, education, volunteerism

Improving the Communities and World Around Us:

The Effects of Sony Corporate Philanthropy

Philanthropy its self works to support the goodwill of all people. Sony uses philanthropy as an active effort to promote human welfare. That's just how philanthropy works; provide support to an organization with funds or resources to gain recognition. Sony's support for human welfare has gained recognition from the lower class audiences; however, the middle and upper class is Sony's target audience. The middle class and upper class are not effect by Sony's philanthropic tactics. The effects of Sony's corporate philanthropy tactics towards communities and the World have created a wider-range of target audience for the corporation. The target audience of the Sony Corporation is not just a specific section or genre of individuals. Sony's target audience is made up of a community of people who are in search of being entertained. Whether it's televisions, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, or electronic equipment, Sony covers the entire range of the entertainment market and community.

A wider range of electronic equipment can provide a variety of entertainment solutions to lower class individuals. Sony's headphones are well-known and widely used in the entertainment market and community. Headphones might be used by an individual to listen to music on his or her MP3 player. A pair Sony headphones can also be used to play computer games, video games, or plug into a video camera to listen to audio. The variety of well-known entertainment solutions has allowed Sony to use corporate philanthropy to enhance their image.

With Sony's influence over the entire entertainment market and community, the organization chose to assist in disaster relief as one of their primary corporate philanthropic actions.



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