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Hawaiian Imperialisation Comparison

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Which country was imperialized like Hawaii and which country wasn’t

The country that was most like Hawaii when they were imperialized was the Philippines because The United States wanted to bring Christianity to both, wanted new trading ports, felt like they were doing the native people a favor by civilizing them, got direct control over the people, and eventually both Hawaii and the Philippines became free states. The United States believed that Hawaiians and Filipinos needed to become civilized through Christianity and decided that the islands would be perfect for trading posts and importing and exporting goods. After getting the islands, the US took direct control over both places and kept control until Hawaii became apart of the United States and the Philippines became a free country. Both countries achieved freedom and remain free today.

The country that was least like Hawaii when they became imperialized was China. Although China and Hawaii were both kingdoms and lost their monarchies, China had fallen into a state of ruin after imperialization while Hawaii prospered due to the US bringing in tourism. Chinese government was in complete disarray after the fall of the Empire and it took them years to get back to a stable economy. Hawaii however went from a stable economy to becoming wealthier as more people came to the islands. And the Chinese remained mostly Chinese while native Hawaiians made up a smaller part of the islands than they had before. China remained under their own government, just changed into a more western style while Hawaii lost their monarchy and went under the control of the US.



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