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Health Care Reform Summary

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Health Care Reform Summary

Health Care Reform is generally used for discussing major health policy creations or changes. This is saying the government policy affects health care delivery in any given place. Health care reform attempts to:

* Broaden the population that receives health care coverage through a private or public insurance program.

* Expands the options of health care providers for consumers to choose among

* Improve the access to health care specialists

* Improve the quality of health care

* Give more care to citizens

* Decrease the cost of health care (New Federal Health Claims & Appeals Laws & Regulations, 2010).

This paper is going to examine the proposed health care reform by the Obama-Biden plan. It is going to highlight the major current problems in health policy. This paper is also going to show what role the health industry played in the health reform. Also, this paper is going to show that the profit driven HMOs are the problem and not the solution.

Our health system has grave problems that require reform. These problems are examples of the unrelenting growth in the number of Americans uninsured over the past years. About one-third of the Americans are inadequately insure, either completely uninsured, or underinsured such that if a major illness like cancer, he or she would likely go bankrupt because of this disease and treatments he or she needs. In the national health reform law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into law on March 23, 2010 (Healthcare Reform 2.0, 2011).

In this paper, the provisions of the national health reform law are going to be shown. This law is going to be expensive being implemented over several years will all the major provision that will be taking affect by January of 2014. Finally the proposal of the health care reform is going to be shown how the five committees of the White House came to a decision to pass the health care reform to take place. A look at the statistics of the uninsured Americans compared with the insured Americans. Also the difficulties American families have with paying all the medical expenses that acquire during the years (Healthcare Reform 2.0, 2011).

Health Care Reform Summary

Alfreda Bostick


February 27, 2012



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