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National Health Care Reform Policy

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Essay Preview: National Health Care Reform Policy

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Identify one new national health care reform policy. How will it change direct service delivery in the community health care setting?

In response to this week's assignment, I have selected the recent Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), signed into law by President Obama on March 23, 2010. Better known as Obamacare, it aim according to the government, is to shakeup the current operations of our health care system and to change the way in which Americans receive healthcare.

Although primary care of any health system is a crucial foundation to its effectiveness and performance, the United States for decades has neglected and ignored its primary care needs. The big idea is now is that, with its passage into law the Affordable Care Act will begin to evaluate and address the problems of an undervalued and underinvested primary care system in ways that can positively impact patients, care providers, and insurance companies.

In a community setting it is hoped that the Affordable Care will make available and affordable preventative care for those who otherwise not have access or the ability to pay for these services.

Secondly, it would free up emergency care for those who with real emergency needs by absorbing the less well-to-do who have always used the "emergency "excuse as a primary care outlet.

Finally it is supposed to offer care seekers and givers options of variety by "fostering innovation in the delivery of and support for primary care providers" within effective and efficient care models that lead to better health outcomes.

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