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Health Insurace

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Healthcare is to help people with treatment and prevention of illness. This is a true meaning of Healthcare. But the current health care insurance system leaves millions of people behind. And this is what today presentation all about. I want to point out the gaps existing in this healthcare system- a problem that has long afflicted lower-income U.S. families- is increasingly becoming a difficulty to American families. There are three particular gaps I want to discuss.


1. Insurance Companies Revoke Sick People's Health Coverage or health insurance system leaves million people behind. In almost 50 states across the country, insurance companies can discriminate against people based on their pre-existing conditions when they try to purchase health insurance directly from insurance companies in the individual insurance market.4 Insurers can deny their coverage, charge higher premiums, and/or refuse to cover that particular medical condition.

A recent national survey estimated that 12.6 million non-elderly adults5 - 36 percent of those who tried to purchase health insurance directly from an insurance company in the individual insurance market - were in fact discriminated against because of a pre-existing condition in the previous three years.

2. Thousands of Americans also lose health insurance each year through a practice called rescission. When a person is diagnosed with an expensive condition such as cancer, some insurance companies review his/her initial health status questionnaire. In most states' individual insurance market, insurance companies can retroactively cancel the entire policy if any condition was missed - even if the medical condition is unrelated, and even if the person was not aware of the condition at the time. Coverage can also be revoked for all members of a family, even if only one family member failed to disclose a medical condition.10

3. There is a solution called "high-Risk pools, which have been used by states to cover the medically uninsurable, but still not work. Thirty-five states offer a high-risk pool for people who have been denied coverage in the individual insurance market or otherwise cannot obtain insurance.13 However, high-risk pools generally charge significantly higher rates than they charge for a healthy individual in the individual insurance market,14 meaning that only relatively high-income people can afford the coverage. One study estimated that only eight percent of the uninsurable population is able to enroll in high-risk pools, mainly because of high premiums.


I want to use this presentation to let people see the shortcoming of the Health care system in U.S. I am not saying that the system is bad, but I just want to point out one thing that the health care insurance should not use economic or business as a base or as a core to build its system, if they really do then



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