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Healthcare Employees

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Healthcare employees work in shifts most shifts runs 8 hours and most times there are more than one shift in a facility in some cases there may be a 12 hour shifts. The manager of a healthcare facility has many responsibilities they are in charge for seeing that employees are working in their locations and each shift is filled with employees. Healthcare managers supervise coordinates, plans and directs. Healthcare Managers differ each manager of different facility has different responsibilities. If a healthcare manager works in a huge hospital they would only run just one unit or ward of the hospital they would also help other managers as needed to make certain that the facility runs with ease. If there is a smaller facility such as a clinic or a physician office the manager will probably be responsible for managing the complete facility. A healthcare manager also may have to be able to travel to out of town meetings, they must be available if a crisis or any dilemma may take place if the facility that they managed operates 24 hours. Managers must identify with and utilize the staffing measurement known as full-time equivalent (FTE). When it comes to costs in any health or medical facility it's not an easy duty. Staffing is the most costly, due to the productive hours and the non productive hours it depends on the seniority of the employees some has been on the job for several years which bring on changes because they have vacation days, sick days and personal days. There are two approaches that are used to compare (FTE), they are the annualizing method and the scheduled-position method. The difference between the two are the annualize method is especially needed because every employee that is qualified, their vacation days will in fact be off duty days for all the paid hours that they receive by the company. When staffing it is the appointing of a staff to a filled scheduled position. It is also called FTE when staffing measure is used to calculate coverage. It measures what amount of a single full time employee is necessary to compare the amount of hours needed to equal to full time position.

Productive time in fact compare to the employee's net hours on duty when carrying out the tasks in his or her job description. Non productive time is paid-for time when the employees

are not on duty, he or she is not producing any goods or doing direct production that is, not producing and therefore its nonproductive. Paid-for vacation days, holidays, personal leave days, sick days are all non productive time. A great example of productive time would be if Tom the watchman is paid for 260 days per year, but works for only 235 days per year the 235 days are productive time and the outstanding days are non productive time. A healthcare manager is a very important person in the health care world. The healthcare facilities need high-quality management to keep the company together and running well.



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