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Hector Vs. Achilles Project

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Essay Preview: Hector Vs. Achilles Project

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Hector vs. Achilles

Trojan War, one of the fiercest and bloodiest wars I know whether it may be a myth or not. It is a war between the Trojans and the Greeks. Both countries have their own best warrior to represent and lead their own set of army. The Trojans having Hector on their side while Achilles who’s with the Greeks.

Now, both are great warriors, highly-skilled men in terms of fighting especially with swords, both desires glory and honor, but somehow, there are differences that made the story a lot more interesting, that is, Achilles being the son of a goddess Thetis and Peleus, king of the Myrmidons making Achilles a demi-god, however, he is still a mortal but undeniably someone to be feared and trembled upon when talking about his ability to fight, equipped with a skill like no other soldier. Because of that we can’t blame him for thinking himself as the greatest warrior during his time, he thought of it as his pride. As for Hector, the son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba, not only a prince but also a fierce soldier, but his ability still falls short towards Achilles’. He has a family of his own having one child and also lives with his parents while Achilles isn’t. A leader of his troops, he may not be a god or demi-god but it’s his love for his country and also the protection of their god that gives him the courage to fight. While Achilles only fights for himself, and he lacks love for country and being proved by his relationship with the king of the Greeks.

Both also has their own strengths and weaknesses, Hectors strength is his love for country and his burning desire for peace, another strength is he believes that his god, the Troy’s god is with him and protects him, when he realized that his god is not with him when he’s about to fight Achilles and knowing it might be his last battle, in spite of him being a mere human being which is one of his weaknesses at least against Achilles, led me to know another of his strength which is his brave heart, well aware that whatever happens, he’ll die with honor and his name will be remembered thereafter.



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