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Help Desk Technician for Windows 7

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Essay Preview: Help Desk Technician for Windows 7

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Help desk Technician for Windows 7

I will be working with Window 7 operating system due to it being my area of expertise. I can answer questions that are related to disk errors and any issues dealing with reading and writing. Some of the utilities that windows 7 have for managing the hard disk are RoboForm, CHKDSK/ScanDisk and Synergy. These are the three that I will discuss about and give the insight of what they do and the purpose behind each of them.

RoboForm is a good password management tool that is used on several web browsers and on mobile devices. It can create and manage secure passwords that will protect your privacy and the information from getting out to those who are trying to retrieve it or trying to hack into your computer. When online and you need to fill out forms, it will be faster since the forms are automatic. Its platform works with windows 7, vista, XP, 98 and 2000. CHKDSK is similar to a scan disk which is used on older version of windows. ScanDisk was created to deal with errors that are on a disk drive by checking and repairing file systems. The scan disk took over the MS-DOS recover utility. CHKDSK does pretty much what the scan disk does, its checks for errors by scanning the hard drive. The scan disk can't check the NTFS disk drive so that's why CHKDSK is used for the newer versions since scan disk is not compatible. Synergy was created so that user could share a keyboard and mouse between many computers as well as it can share clipboards. If it is going to use the clipboards it will need a network connection. What so great with synergy is that it is a cross platform. That meaning it works with Mac OSX, Windows and Linux which can be pretty handy. It saves spaces by not having to have two of everything and that cuts down the price in having to not have to buy another mouse and keyboard. You act like it's just one huge screen and just scroll over to what you want to click on, the mouse will move over to where you take it.

The preparation needed for a hard drive to begin installing the operating system on a new computer is very important that it is installed correctly and the process goes smooth. Usually when setting up the setup program will collect hardware information and it has a list that it goes through and asks. The list may contain computer name, file system, hardware compatibility, disk partitions, disk space, licensing mode, installation method network membership and service components. So to install windows 7 onto your new computer you will need to boot the computer using the windows 7 disc that you have and then restart it after inserting the disc. After you restart it you will be asked to press any key and follow what you are asked. You will be asked a variety of things to do, like enter your language. After doing so click on the next button, then you will be asked to read and accept the license terms page and then click on next again.



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