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Help Desk Vs Service Desk

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Essay Preview: Help Desk Vs Service Desk

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What is a Help Desk?

In a business, a help desk is where users of technology can go for help. In many, it can be a person on a call center with some idea of how to handle problems that come. In larger companies the help desk can consist of a group of person with detailed expertise on the different technologies that the company has. They usually use software to keep track of the job done. On a help desk the structure comes with service level commitments, the level of expertise of the staff available, number of users, systems and services that will be supported. The structure can be as follows:

* Tier One Support - It provides basic application software and hardware support to the users.

* Tier Two Support - Provides more complex support on application software and hardware issues. It usually is an escalation of the call from tier 1.

* Tier Three Support - It provides support on complex hardware and OS software. It usually involves certified system engineers. The responsibility of tier 3 techs is greater as they are the highest ranking tier support.

How can a help desk improve?

* Answer the phone properly - the technician should answer the phone on explaining to the user that they just called the help desk and that they are there to help them with whatever problem they may have.

* Explain to the user what is being done - Users need to be explained what we as technicians are doing on their devices, they won't become technicians but they will be happy to know what we are doing to help them.

* Establish direct lines of communications - we need to establish good communication and relationships with higher tier support in order to better work with the customers.

* Be up to date with the company policies - technicians should be up to date on the different company policies that appeal to the department.

* Escalate cases - If we struggle with a case for too long, it is better to escalate it and not look like we don't have the knowledge of when we need help.

What is a Service Desk?

It is a single point of contact between a company and its customers, employees and business partners. Its purpose is to ensure that users receive appropriate help in a timely manner. It can handle incidents as well as service requests. It is essential that the service desk is readily accessible, offers a uniform service of consistent quality, keep users regularly informed and log all interactions that are made with them and provide support to the business.

Service Desk Structures

Logical Structure

* Service desk members must:

o Be familiar with the protocols for interaction with customers: scripts, checklists, etc.

o Be



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