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Hi America

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I will use video conference as the communication channel. Based on the situation, two things need to be clarified. First, we need to develop a strategy in a rush because they only give us one week. In this case, having a video conference is the most effective and convenient way to hold every team member together for them to think of good ideas and to give responses. Second, I am the marketing manager, it is my responsibility to convey the Vice President of Operation's notion to my team members. Video conference is the best way to integrate video and audio together so that I can have everyone in my team in different locations in the same room. In this way, everybody is able to share their ideas and provide with important information. Video conference allows meetings to be held without all the people's showing up, so it saves money and time. As a result, this channel is the best choice in this situation.

I don't think there is always a best choice for any situation, because it all depends on the different conditions. In this situation, I will first make sure of the current location of the Vice President of Operations. If he is in the office where is not far from me, I will go straight to his office and convey my strategy face to face. If he is on a trip or at a place too far to reach, I will connect him by having a video conference. In both ways, the main point of this communication is not only talking to each other, but also be able to see and feel emotions and tones. To show my Vice President of Operations that I am confident about this strategy or I don't have a faith on it is very important in this meeting.



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