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High School Community

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A problem that is with in my high school community is peer pressure. At my high school peer pressure has been the big thing and is becoming a growing problem in these recent years. What makes students feel like they have to do something that thinks it makes them "look cool" just to fit in? Why do kids have the right to classify other kids into different status areas as in "being poor", "being gay", or "total jock"? All the name calling and bullying that goes on in the hallways not just even my high school but all schools. What makes someone so much greater than another person to be able to freely start calling them names or making fun of them for no reason? Or more less picking fights with people for the "just because I want to factor". Where are the teachers when things like this happen? Why are they not taking better action on trying to put a stop to such serious problems? But more than just classification or bullying of other piers is coming into the role of peer pressure now it's the usage of drugs and drinking. More and more students are starting to party more and study less or putting things off till the last possible second. I really don't understand why teens feel partying is so important. What benefits does it really give them at the end of the day? Do they do it because they feel like they have to somehow find a way to fit in? Is that really the only way to make "friends" and have fun in high school?



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