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High School Dropouts

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High School Drop Outs

Millions of children enter high schools across the country each year, yet, less than 70% will go on to graduate. Close to 7000 students drop out each day. These children are placing themselves at a gross disadvantage not only in life but in society as well. Most will barely earn a livable income, 30% will be single parents or end up in a jail.

In 2009 the rate of white high school drop outs was around 5%, the rate for African American was nearly twice that at nearly 10% and the Hispanic rate was a stunning 17%. In many states there can be a gap as much as 40-50%. That may have been acceptable in earlier generations but it needs to be addressed and soon.

Many things lead up to a child making the decision to drop out of high school. The one that has been sited most is family demographics, resources and involvement. Studies have shown that a student that lives with both parents have a better chance of remaining in school and going on to graduate. Divorce has been shown to increase the drop out rate along with other stressful events such as family death. Children living in homes where their parents are involved with their education such as knowing who they hang around and open communication with the child's teachers are less likely to drop out. Studies have also shown among students living with both parents those that have access to multiple resources go on to graduate.

There is a cost to being a high school drop out other than being behind socially. Without a diploma most students will move onto tax the welfare system, coast in and out of the justice system and have periods of unemployment or under-employment earning less than a livable income. Most dropouts will, on average, earn $10,000 less than their graduate counter part.

Studies have show that 10% of high school dropouts leave school due to pregnancy. Teen mothers are at a huge social disadvantage. Not only are they at a higher risk of dropping out of high school, they are less likely to be successful in the job market and dependent on the welfare system.

In conclusion, High school dropouts place themselves in a bad situation that will not get better unless they return to school and get their diploma. Students drop out for many reasons none that I have seen are truly viable. As a dropout I know from personal experience that life has been hard. Returning to school has been the best decision I have made in years.

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