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High School Memories

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High School Memories

During my 3 years at E.C. Goodwin, I have had many good and bad experiences such as freshman year, Posi day, and Baseball. I have learned many lessons because of these experiences such as self-confidence, everyone has a chance to win, and that you can do anything as long as you try your hardest and never give up.

I remember my first day during freshman year. My cousin Edwin and I walked into the café scared out of our minds wondering what to do and what is going to happen this year. I walked to my homeroom with Mrs. Chretien 30 minutes late because I did not know where I was going. I was happy to see that there were people that I knew from both middle school and Chamberlain (my elementary school). We all stood in a circle and passed a ball around. When the ball would reach someone, they had to say their name and something about themselves. We laughed and joked around until the ball got to me. My head went blank and I was so scared that I forgot my own Name! I finally relaxed and told everyone my name and that I loved math class which was ironic because Mrs. Chretien taught math. As the days rolled by, I became less and less scared and after a month I realized that this is a fun school and that just because it is a different experience, doesn't make it a bad experience. My freshman year was hard but also was a very memorable experience.

Another experience I had was Posi day during junior year. I was always hyped for posi day because I always had at least 10 Posi tickets, but this year was different. I had only 5 tickets so my hopes of winning were gone. We reported to homeroom first and waited for the announcement for all juniors to come down. It finally came at 12:00pm and we all ran down to the café. As I neared the café I heard the Christmas music and everyone singing along and I thought to myself "This is going to be awesome." When we reached the café, we were greeted by Santa and given a bunch of candy. I sat down with my friends and we laughed at jokes and clapped for the people who were winning. Then, all of a sudden I heard my name being called. I wondered what was going on as everyone stared at me. It was then that I realized that I had won. My heart was pounding on my chest and with a big smile I walked up to the prize table. IO was still in shock and did not know what to pick. There were so many prizes like gift cards, speakers, DVD players, pillows, and even stuffed animals. Everyone started to rush me so I finally decided to pick a gift card to subway. I remember running home happy because I actually won something and that whole day, there was a huge smile across my face.

My top high school experience was during freshman year in May. I was on the J.V (junior varsity) baseball team and I loved it. Even though I wasn't the best and didn't get a lot of PT (play time) I still loved being on the team and cheering for my fellow



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