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His11-01 World Civilization to 1500

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Essay Preview: His11-01 World Civilization to 1500

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Caroline Garcia Paulino


HIS 11-01:World Civilization to 1500

Jason St. Pierre

Life has a general rule, if you do bad things, bad things will happen to you. Many people know that karma exists, but they ignore it until it's time to pay what they did, but it's late for regret since they did the bad thing. We do not want to believe that things happen randomly. We want an explanation but sometimes the answer is just there. Dance Moms show us that you obtain what you deserve in life meaning that if you hurt people around you, bad things will happen to you.

The reality show Dance Moms began in 2011, takes place in the Abby Lee Dance Company, where the instructor Abby Lee trains 7 young girls to be better dancers, making them participate in competitions every week. The girls are a secondary character of the show since the mothers went with them to each training to watch the dance but the mothers always argued with the instructor because they felt that Abby treat the girls unfairly. Abby Lee showed her unfairness with the favoritism she had towards some girls since the beginning of the show, giving extra time to the girl that she thought was the best dancer. These were unfair actions for the other girls since they felt insufficient and stressed. Some claimed to feel so stressed that they cried all night because they felt hated by the instructor.

Abby Lee was obsessed with her company, the Abby Lee Dance company and always made it clear to mothers and girls in all competitions, saying that the fact that the girls danced in competitions for her company gave the girls some value. In one of the episodes the girls made a dance group and won in 2nd place, and Abby responded to this by saying that she did not teach mediocre people for her company and also said the second place is the first to lose. The instructor was too perfectionist when she talked about her company, so that's why she was not patient with mistakes.

Abby Lee was impatient, mean and abusive all the time but even more when the girls could not memorize a dance, and she used to say very offensive words to them such as “clumsy” and “stupid”. Abby was so cruel that she told one of the mothers to take her daughter the psychiatrist since she could not memorize a dance. After each competition Abby rating all the girls in a pyramid from the best performers to the worst performers and if they cry, she would call them “cry baby”. Also she felt that crying was disrespectful, so if they cried she would take them out of the studio screaming and call them “cry baby”.

Abby Lee was an impulsive person without common sense. The instructor clearly was a bad person but the world never imagined that she could go so far and make an inappropriate comment about a girl with a medical condition. The reality show was commissioned to eliminate this scene because Abby would be seen as a bad person, and the producers knew that situation went too far to the point where the mom reach a legal agreement where Abby cannot approach or mention the girl but this was not the only time Abby has been in legal trouble.



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