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History 102 Writing 1 Assignments

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Essay Preview: History 102 Writing 1 Assignments

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During the 15th and 16th centuries, a vast number of the Europeans were of Christian faith. Like all religions, the religion of Christianity provided the Europeans with life structure and provided a basis for them. The Christians were described as not being slow or stupid, but they were in fact relatively smart people. There appeared to not be any difference in the judgment, manners, or languages among any of the islands. They all very clearly understood one another, which they believed was the wish of their God. These European Christians strongly believed in no form of idolatry and that all strength, power, and good things were all in heaven. Men were to have only one wife, except for the kings and princes, whom were allowed to have up to twenty. It appeared that the women were the most hard-working.

Because of their Christianity belief, the European Christians viewed found some of the beliefs and values of other religions strange. They found it very odd when they saw people of other ethnicities such as the African Americans present with a variety of looks. Some of the African Americans had a very light skin complexion, while others had a very dark complexion that the Europeans referred to as "the Ethiopians."

The Spanish Christians did a lot of killing. They did not spare the lives of women, children, nor infants, but instead brutally murdered them also. Any survivors left were enslaved and were hatefully mistreated.

The Christians' reasons for the mistreatment of non-Europeans was that they had one goal and that was to obtain as much gold as possible in order to make them rich. It is the believed that this greediness and determination is the reason for their deceitful ways.



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