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School Case

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In the matrix, it is stating that all children are provided schools to attend the education gap between higher and lower income schools is obvious. The US is making an effort to provide equal educational opportunities to all students. In schools, there is an academic record with the majority of the students coming from low income families and sadly educators have accepted as fact that economically disadvantaged students cannot learn as well as students from households with higher incomes. Students from less wealthy families are not expected to be as academically advanced and numerous education critics claim that low income students are disproportionately placed on a lower track and in lower achievement courses in schools, which is often taught by under qualified teachers. It is very difficult to see how these children are given a fair chance in their educational careers when they are placed under such stereotypes and promoted socially. In schools across the nation, teachers are being assigned to teach courses in areas that do not match their formal background preparation. It has been said that lower income schools have a higher level of out of field teaching in core academic classes than wealthier schools. Schools from lower income towns and cities do not have the financial assets available to them to hire highly qualified teachers. Communities with higher incomes do have the ability to employ these highly qualified teachers. Lower income schools are equal to the higher income schools. The state provides the same numbers of computers to each school. The schools with the lower income children have a larger number of students. The higher income schools have twice the number of computers in proportion to the number of their students .It seems that the biggest factor keeping the children of lower income homes behind is the school funding available. It seems that the lower income school district does not have the money to spend on the things a wealthier district does, but there is no real evidence that spending money makes much difference in the outcome of the children's education. In many cases, family and background have a greater influence on how well a child does in school. In conclusion, it is a necessity for the US to achieve true educational success for all children. The problem is the apparent inability of the US public education system to be as successful academically with children from low-income families and the middle-class children. I think that the only way this problem can be fixed is if the government takes necessary steps to change this. I think that new programs of education must be created which will offer all children access to equally exceptional educational opportunities.



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