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Reading the Human Mind

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Essay Preview: Reading the Human Mind

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Choose one of the theoretical articles posted on blackboard.

"Policing the Ghetto Underclass..." by William J. Chambliss

"Real Rape," by Susan Estrich

"Serial Murder: Popular Myths and Empirical Realities" by James Alan Fox and Jack Levin

"...The Saints and the Roughnecks," by William J. Chambliss

You are responsible for writing a 5 page response to the theoretical article. The paper should use the following format:

Part I: Comprehension

In this section you are explaining what the theoretical article is about. You must read the theory and understand it. It should not be an outline of the text. It should be a summary of the major point(s). You are, in theory, teaching the article to me.

Part II: Application

How does the article relate in the greater sociological context? That is to say how can it be (or how is it) applied in the real world? Here you can talk about relevant cultural references that coincide with the theory. How is this theory enacted in our Justice System? (Don't forget that all sources must be cited!)

Part III: Analysis

You are to find evidence of this theory in culture or a court case. You can easily find examples from the media such as television, films, books, radio programs, commercials, various advertisements, etc. Then analyze it. Your evidence should be relevant to your theoretical article. There should be an apparent connection, a cohesiveness sort to speak.

You are required to use 5 sources. 3 sources should be scholarly. Wikipedia is not a reputable source. Remember that plagiarism is illegal and heavily enforced by the university, please make sure that you cite all sources.

I have emailed all of you two sources that you can use for your paper. The subject of the email should read: Reference Articles for Final Paper.

This will count as 50 percent of your final exam. A first draft can be emailed to by Thursday September 1, 2011 so I can provide you with feedback so you can make adjustments before a final submission. Feel free to contact me for further questions and assistance. Good luck!!!!!



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