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Home Automation System for Dragonvale

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Essay Preview: Home Automation System for Dragonvale

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Home Automation System for DragonVale


Home Automation has become a very popular system in the world. To improve our live, it has been suggested that Home Automation System could be attract more home buyers. This report explains their basic functions and benefits of an HAS and evaluate a potential HAS, Samsonite SNT-10.


One publication was studied, one research about Samsonite SNT-10 was conducted and one Home Automation System was researched. The information gathered was collated and compiled.


The information of Engineering World Magazine show that there are many basic functions of Home Automation System. User can control the Wireless Remote Control to send a radio wave signals to turn on the home electronic devices. Such as TV, air-con, lights and windows. Also, the Image Recording System and Digital Door Lock could be used by Door Access Controller. Lastly, there is Intrusion Detector, it can alert users to intruders and call fire station or security room with infrared signals when there are any problems at home.

According to “Top 10 Benefits of Automating Your Home” of, there are many benefits of Automation System. Such as, Adds Safety Through Appliance and Lighting Control, Secures Home Through Automated Door Locks, Increases Awareness Through Security Cameras, Increases Convenience Through Temperature Adjustment, Saves Time, Saves Money and Increases Convenience, Contributes to Economy, Increases Peace of Mind, Allows You Control When Out of Town, Keeps Tabs on Your Children.

About the research results from Ir. Peter Howard, Samsonite SNT-10 has three advantages. There is a 10” color TFT touch screen, the small touch screen can make the buyers feel easy to use and convenient. Also, it can operate with iPad, iPhone and computer interfaces within Wi-Fi Network, which is user-friendly and comfortable. Next, the advanced video system can connect up to 4 extra sub-stations and 4 CCTVs, user can watch the home with on a small screen easily.

Lastly, there is a technical support on live-chat support within smartphone apps.

However, the problem of Samsonite SNT-10 is the intrusion detector is too sensitive because the default setting is not desirable. The user may have accidental triggering and the user will feel uncomfortable. Also, the price of SNT-10 is 7% higher than the market average price. As a result, this system can attract more home buyers.


In conclusion, This system can make the live more better.



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