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Automated Systems

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BAE Automated Systems agreed to be involved in the automated baggage system portion of the new City of Denver airport project as it was a chance for BAE to showcase its ability to introduce a large scale, fully automated baggage handling system. BAE now finds itself in the position of having to determine whether or not to cancel, modify or continue with the existing contract with the City of Denver to provide the system. Project delays, improper project management and constant changes to scope beyond the control of BAE, in its opinion, have prevented the company's ability to successfully deliver the new system. With three choices for decisions to make, project history reveals that BAE should not continue with its contract to provide a fully automated system to all three terminals at the City of Denver airport. BAE was clear from the beginning that the City's expectations could only be fulfilled if the City agreed to provide unrestricted access to the site, freeze plan changes and provide adequate power supply to the project. The City was unable to provide the required items to allow BAE a chance to success. At this point, my recommendation is to shift its focus back to the original plan to provide an automated system to United Airlines. United Airlines has the industry experience, project management skills and background required for the successful implementation of the system. This decision will allow BAE to maintain its stellar reputation in the industry, position itself for future growth and promote growth both nationally and internationally.



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