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House on Mango Street Study Guide

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Essay Preview: House on Mango Street Study Guide

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1. It was six mama, papa, Carlos, Kiki, Nenny, and Esperanza.

2. The house was theirs and they didn't have to pay rent or anything.

3. Its small and red with tight steps, small windows, and bricks crumbling.

4.Because she is too young.

5. She wants to have a bestfriend, to tell secrets to and share everything with her.

6.Her name is Esperanza and in spanish it means too many letters, In english it means hope, and she got the name from her great grandmother.

7.She buys a bicycle.

1.The boxing that lights up and dances.

2.They had their first annual Tarzan jumping contest, and Meme won and both broke his arms.

3.He gave them rides in a yellow Escalade and went to prison.

4.To go Downtown to get a better job.

5.For the boys to see us and us to see the boys.

6.She thinks they are stupid, and the people who were born with defects.

7.They have anyone to be there for them or look after them.

1.She sees mice and other types of animals.

2.You can never have too much sky, and that God is the cloud.

3.They started naming the clouds,

4. They got them from a family.

5. Her mom says no because its too late.

1. She thinks she's unattractive.

2. Old and brown.

3. Your muscles.

4. You need them to dance and its what distinguishes a man from a women.

5. She liked doing what she was tolled.

6.He gave a man a birthday kiss.

7. That the abuelto died and she had to tell the rest of the family.

8. They played a game pretending to be her she died that day.

9. That she is going to hell.

1.As a witch women.

2.It was a home in the heart,

3. He was a man who was a victim of a hit and run.




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