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This paper was hard to write because as I was writing these four pages I was thinking about my cousin. I wrote this paper on the third anniversary of her death. I got emotional writing this paper. I hate research paper because it takes time to write a good one. I felt like I did good, but I do not the outcome of writing these four pages. I felt I wrote too much, and kept repeating myself. As I continuing writing this paper I hope to get better at writing paper. At first it was hard for me to come up with a topic for my research paper, but then I thought about this situation because it affected me more than anything. Also, as I wrote this paper, I try to following the outline Professor Miller gave us, but I kind of started going in another path. To be honest I hate writing this paper. I started working on this paper like one week ago. I was just confused on how to start it off because beginning a paper sucks (laugh). I already had my topic pick out like three weeks ago. Hopefully, the rest of this paper would go by smooth if I am on the right path in writing this paper.

Part II

I kind of felt like this paper just did not do it for me after add three more pages to make it 7 pages total. I mean the topic is a good thing to write about. When writing these last three pages then going back over to correct and shift things around was lost. I know writing this type of paper takes time, but time was not on my side. I mean the whole time I am trying to concentrate on writing this paper I am praying. I was focused it just the thoughts that came to my mind. I mean I kept thinking this paper is going to kill me. I hate research paper they take too much time and effort just to be on you're A game with them. I know out of all the papers this paper is going to be grade the hardest. I know I quote my source right but still felt like I didn't cite them right. I even looked on the school library for help, and my ST. Martin Handbook. I am confused. I did my best that's all I can say. This paper has to speak for itself hopefully(smiles). I did do grammar check this time, but still feel there are commas, period, and something else is missing. Finally, like I say before I hate writing it isn't my strong subject , but my weaker. I can admit I learn quit a few new things and how to somewhat open, and end a paper without using questions and in conclusion.



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