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How Businesss Affect School

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Essay Preview: How Businesss Affect School

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If you think education is expensive, try ignorance"-Derek Bok

Never did we think the day would come where we would have to dumb down the smartest decision we could ever make; having an education. It seems like the older the years the newer the issues with any situation. The greatest joy of parents is when their child is graduating high school and eligible to enter the big school, sending them to the best because that's all they expect, but little do they know flaws with higher education will affect that opportunity. College, one of the most excitable, and expensive experience that will occur in one's life but for others it's a hassle. Through the years the education system has turned upside down. Money, students, teaching and teachers have taken a stand and changed based on the people that sit in big office, with that oval table that has those big black chairs surrounding it. So the question is formed how does business affect higher education? After reviewing a documentary "Declining Degrees" based on this question I have come to two intellectual traits, of out eight, I want to detail; Intellectual Laziness vs Intellectual Empathy .

Dealing with the school system so long, you find yourself knowing the ins and outs of it. It's like the system is so predictable, already knowing what the next move will be. So when it comes to the next decision, the student mind is already made up when comes to education. So how does this business affect higher education? Well I'm glad you asked. Let's take a look. In the documentary it showed us that a particular student would party all night and miss out on class and important work. The system didn't mind because all he had to do was give a reasonable and believable excuse and he won the upper hand. This is what we called Intellectual Laziness. Where the student put lack of effort into their work, do minimal, where a passing grade is enter and the student is still able to do the least and get the most out of it their way.

Another trait that affect higher education through "Declining Degrees" is Intellectual Empathy. Of course its nothing like Intellectual Laziness. Now how does affect higher education? As seen in the clip, this female student, Ceylon Hollis, went to school all day, then no break off to homework, in the bed because her didn't get started until 10pm, where see worked full time, a grave yard shift, at a local auto part store. Yes this sounds like perseverance in a way but it's not. See she had to pull her weight, received grades up to part but had work because her parents couldn't help and the credit card debt back fired. Now debt is pilling and no one cares because everybody especially the schools have their hand out and the finish line doesn't seem visible because everything is hiding the thought



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