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How Did China and Japan Enter the 20th Century

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Essay Preview: How Did China and Japan Enter the 20th Century

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Prompt:Write a summary to explain how did China and Japan enter the 20th century.

Before Europeans first arrived in Asia, China was one of the most powerful and advanced nations in the world. At the beginning of the 20th century, The Chinese were offended by the foreigners control and expressed this with the Boxer Rebellion in the beginning of the 20th century. By the end of Meiji Period(1868-1912), Japan was an influential power in Asia and following its participation in the Taisho period(1912-1926) in the World War 1, it was known as one of the world’s greatest powers. After the World War and the Russian Revolution, the world was going through great chaos. In 1923 Japan suffered from the Great Kanto Earthquake in which 14,000 people were killed or went missing. In 1929 the world’s economy broke and Japan economy was in loss which led Japan in depression and the Rape of Nanking. In 1931, Japan began to invade China and they established a puppet state called “Manchukuo”. The Japanese aggression in China became full blooded when the Nanking Massacre occurred which involved mass murder, mass rape and mass killing by the Japanese troops. The Japanese Government ordered the army to leave Manchuria, China asked the west for help but Japan claimed that China was being crazy so the Japanese invaded China.Later on September 1932 the West wrote a detailed report saying that Japan was wrong. After the big rift between the two countries Japan stopped working with the west and its relationship with the west and China was at an all time low. In 1958, Japan rejected its trade with Japan-apparently convinced that trade adjustments were unsuccessful in achieving political goals, However, in a plan for improving political relations, China requested the Japanese government to not block any efforts from China to restore normal relations between China and Japan. Diplomatic relations were established as of September 29,1972. When prime minister kakuei Tanaka visited Beijing in 1972 to reinstate Japan’s relations with China. Responding to Tanaka’s apology for what Japan had done during the War, Mao answered that there was absolutely no need to apologize he said without the Japanese invasion, the Communist revolution would not have succeeded. The treaty of peace and friendship was signed between Japan and China in 1978 including shipping,air-transportation,and fisheries. Both Japan and China had a big conflict in the early 20th century but towards the end of 20th century, the conflict between Japan and China was resolved, the October 1992 visit of Emperor Akihito was a clear indication that Japan considered closer ties with China in its economic and strategic interest.



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