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How Do the Giving Programs Support the Social Responsibility Goals of Levi Strauss?

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Essay Preview: How Do the Giving Programs Support the Social Responsibility Goals of Levi Strauss?

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1. How do the giving programs support the social responsibility goals of Levi Strauss?

The programs support the social responsibilities goals of Levi Strauss because they are in place for the benefit of their workers, giving them all types of incentives to go out to the workplace and perform to their maximum potential. Their strategy to their workers embraces four approaches: Educate workers on labor rights; Improve health of workers; Provide-Asset building opportunities for the workers; and enhance oversight of labor laws. Levis Strauss funds programs in nearly 40 countries around the world where they have business. They don't only worry about making profits on their business, but also adopts a proactive, "hands-on" approach in identifying how to advance in every program Levi Strauss support.

Levi Strauss & Co is a company that shows much dedication and care towards their workers. The company believes that social responsibility is very essential in today's society, due to poverty, hunger, literacy; children labor laws, and the environment. Since the 1930's, Levi Strauss has worked to create a racially intergraded workplace; a safe workplace; and an environmentally conscious workplace. They also established The Levi Strauss foundation, which focuses on three major issues: HIV/AIDS; asset building; and worker's rights. The way they care for their workers extends to the point they make sure they are very well trained and have the tools to stay healthy when they are out of the factories.

Levi Strauss Foundation support global non-profit organizations that support labor laws that increase awareness of health-care issues and more important programs that benefit the workers; The Levi Strauss foundation sets a standard for global HIV/AIDS corporate responsibility and encourages other companies, the apparel industry, communities, customers and competitors to do the same.

Levi Strauss & Co. encourages the battle for equal rights in many different backgrounds, such as: gender, racial, sexual and economic. They use the power of marketing to influence the way the people see this particular fronts for the battle of equal rights. For example, the U.S. Levi's brand created a bold diversity marketing campaign in 2008, producing a gay-themed television advertisement and placing it on mainstream cable media outlets.

Also, Levi Strauss & Co. has global responsibility with our planet; they build sustainability into everything they do, so that their profitable growth helps restore the planet. Even though they have some of the most comprehensive environmental policies in the industry, they are always looking to do something better by partnering with organizations like Business for Social Responsibility to develop global standards that benefit our planet.

2. Some of the Levi Strauss giving programs might be considered controversial by some people, such as providing resources to fight AIDS or to achieve social justice. Why would Levi Strauss support programs with which some of its customers may not agree?

Levi Strauss & Co. was one of the first companies to acknowledge HIV/AIDS and to apply resources towards its eradication; they support these programs because they are 100% committed to the community and to every social cause they feel they can help and make a difference. There are 1.3 million people in the United States alone living with HIV. Many of them don't know they have the virus. As a result, they're not receiving life-saving treatment. And, they may be unknowingly contributing to the spread of HIV. This is where Levi Strauss foundation comes in and starts educating employees about the issue so they can spread the knowledge and step by step creating a better community.

Levi Strauss is big in thinking it takes courage to be willing to tell the truth and to challenge hierarchy, accepted practice and conventional wisdom. It means standing by their convictions and acting on their beliefs. "We are the embodiment of the energy and events of our time, Some customers may no agree but if Levis can inspired more people to be more aware of their social issues and help others, they are more than happy to be the pioneers and bring the resources of all the different issues so can people can relate Levi's jeans as a symbol of freedom and self-expression in the face of adversity, challenge and social change.

Sustainability is much more than an idea or a project at Levi Strauss & Co. Sustainability is deeply embedded into the products, culture, and business. They want to reach far beyond the boundaries of the company to influence not only what people wear but also the way people think and act. The way they care for their employees, suppliers and the communities in which they operates reflects the values and desires for a more socially just world. One of their big mottos of the company is having integrity and doing right by the employees, brands, company and society as a whole. Ethical conduct and social responsibility characterize Levis way of doing business.


A) Provide an example of how Levi Strauss employees become involved with the giving programs?

In continuity with the values and vision of the founder Levi Strauss, employees give back to their community by creating and engaging in volunteer teams that support charity organizations, nonprofit organizations, and special events to raise awareness for important causes. Levi Strauss encourage employees to support all these different organizations by offering their full-time employees up to five paid hours per month of time off to volunteer at a charitable organization of their choice. Also Levi employees' worldwide form community involvement teams that help identify and create volunteer opportunities depending on their community needs.

An example of this is about the perception about women empowerment, and the role of women play in society in this century there is a equality in men and women in every field, but we still ignore some of the places where women faces a lot of challenges and problems. Many women face social problems, hazardous environment and health issues at the work place, especially if we talk about factory working women.

Factory working women in Asia, South America and Middle East has a greater percentage of health issues like anemia, hygiene, sex violence, and other infections and illness. Levi Strauss & Co., in partnership with Levi



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