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How People of India Trained?

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Essay Preview: How People of India Trained?

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Flattener # 5


The important event of flattener is that the India is not know for there natural resources they are know for there science, engineering, and medicine. They have trained there peoples minds to think that way and go to very high education they provide at there IIT schools. These schools are harder to get into the harvard and most iv league school in america ensuring there knowledge is high. India is know for the second buying, when a company fails they are able to buy them and make them very successful; such as fiber optic cable. Once they were done with there education they would then go to america for a high education, this was a way for them to become know. Once they came back Bangalore had became a outsource station with america. Wipro Was the foundation that came out of Bangalore and they started to become close with America they started to ask us to do jobs such as Fiber optic cables, Y2K computer bug, dotcom, and medical transcripts.

This impact globalization because countries are interacting with one another to get things done faster and more efficiently. This works because America has the items and the money and india has the smarts. When they are using the satellite to connect with one another they don't have to be in the same area they just have to be online. The globalization is there because if this works then more countries will be willing to work together.

The secondary effects happened that once the first request was taken place and was successful the more demand there was. There was big projects one after another and this caused somewhat of a break down in the system. By having these big CEO's wanting more and more out of the workers they wanted to pay them less and when this happened they were not willing anymore and then wanted to work with other corporations. When your dealing with globalization there always needs to be happy medium about the situation and how it is going to effect both sides so that the connection stays strong

The Important companies were Wipro, IIT, GE, and Texas instrument. These companies were the foundation of everything that was happening such as;

Wipro: foundation in Bangalore

IIT: India Institute technology

GE: corporation in America

Texas Instrument: Company who manufactures

The countries that took place were India and america, the important people were Vivek Paul and Jack Welch CEO.



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