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Themes in U.S. & World History

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Essay Preview: Themes in U.S. & World History

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Task 2

Roberta Gauvin

Two of the most significant social and/ political changes that occurred as a result of the actions of one individual was Nelson Mandela. Mandela represented an example of a powerful leader who inspired millions of people around the world. First of all Mandela won the first multi-racial elections in South Africa thus creating a significant change in perception and building of a color blind society in Africa and around the world. Prior to becoming a president, people knew him for his anti-apartheid violent actions, his actions attracted attention to the existing problem. His actions made him well known around the world.

Martin Luther King was well known around the world for his significant movements for the society. Martin Luther King became an iconic figure, whose courage inspired countless people. First, Martin Luther King advocated for civil rights by means of the peaceful method and never encouraged using violence for achieving the goals. His speech "I Have a Dream" encouraged the creation of a colorblind society and society based on equality among all people. "When he was notified of winning a Nobel Peace Prize, he stated that all the funds were to go to further the civil rights movement (King, M 1964)." He actively addressed issues of poverty and contributed to the end of the War in Vietnam.


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