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World History - Third Trimester 2012

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Essay Preview: World History - Third Trimester 2012

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World History -

Third Trimester 2012

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Course Description: This class is designed as an introduction and survey of the history of the world. The first trimester will deal with prehistory to the Renaissance and Reformation, followed by the second trimester beginning with the Age of Absolutism to the current day. Obviously, this is a pretty tall order! In addition to content, students will have an opportunity to develop reading and writing skills and comprehension, integrate skills and content, connect new learning to previous learning, and help lead you to become a lifelong learner. You will also learn about how societies developed and how such development has affected our way of life today.

Course of Study: Our text for this class is World History, Human Legacy. We will also use primary source material, outside reading, research material, and other documents for this class as well as multi-media sources.

Procedures and Information:

1. All RHS attendance and tardy policies will be enforced. You should be in your seat when the bell rings.

2. No food or drink other than water in the classroom. Gum is permitted if it doesn't become an issue.

3. Be prepared for class with your textbook, paper, pencil, and pen daily.

4. Your name, class period, and date should be on all class work (upper right hand corner of paperwork).

5. Work for full credit is due on assigned date. Late work will be accepted for one week after due date for 50% credit. Unexcused absence results in no points for work, tests or quizzes may not be made up.

6. Classroom is not to be used as a beauty parlor.

7. Remain in seats until you are verbally dismissed. Classes are never permitted to line up at the door waiting for the bell. Classwork will be from bell to bell.

8. Adhere to the seating chart.

9. Restroom passes will be held to a minimum and you must have your "red" book.

10. Electronic devices must be put away and may used only when designated by the teacher.

11. No students should be seated at my desk.

12. Students are to inquire about grades before and after class only. Please use Power School whenever possible.

13. Please do not ask me what we will be doing in class. Then entire class will be given directions each day and you will often know a day ahead of time. Assignments will always be posted on the board.

14. Generally, there will be



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