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How the Self Develops Through Socialization

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Essay Preview: How the Self Develops Through Socialization

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Samantha Gonzalez-Pena

Professor Soto

Sociology 101-01

8 October 2018

How the Self Develops Through Socialization

Socialization is the social processes through which children develop an awareness of social norms, values and achieve a distinct sense of selfness. Although the socialization processes is particularly significant in infancy and childhood, it continues to expand to some degree throughout life. No individual is immune to the reactions of others around them; which influence and modify their behavior through all phases of their life course. As known, a human being thrives because of what he or she believes in, a community goes by what they believe is acceptable, and a society acts based on how they are expected to act. Norms are the social expectations that guide behavior; in fact, norms explain why people do what they do in any given situation by doing things that have been put into practice through their respective cultures. Values are important ideas held by an individual or a group about what is desirable, proper, good, and bad. What individuals value is strongly influenced by the specific culture in which they happen to live in. Beliefs are the ideas, viewpoints, and attitudes of a certain group in society. These beliefs consist of myths, traditions, and superstitions. Social interaction is necessary for he development of the self and the social reproduction of norms and values because it is the foundation of life; in fact, it helps create the society we live in today.

Social interaction is an exchange between two or more individuals, and is considered to be the building block of society. With the interaction of individuals, people create rules, organizations, and systems to fulfill the ways they plan to live. Norms, values, and beliefs are passed down and reproduced through families for generations. As a child, parents try to teach their kids right from wrong. Parents teach their children how to become responsible and honest teenagers. As the teenagers get older, their parents teach them how to become independent and hard working. They also help their children understand what a good student is and how a good student acts. For example, a good student should respect their teacher and peers, should be caring, do homework, pay attention, and get good grades. If one is considered to be a good student, they are rewarded and praised. On the other hand, if a students is bad they receive bad grades, detention and poor citizenship. Their children value these norms because they stick with them for a lifetime. Following these norms and values gives them hope to achieve goals they set for themselves.

Reproducing these norms, values, and beliefs helps the self develop. Norms are absolutely essential in a stable society because it help keep people in order, safe, and helps preserve culture. Norms are a bundle of do’s and don'ts. They set rules and expectations for human behavior. If we did not have these norms, people would become disrespectful, lack of trust would arise among citizens, and there would be bad reputations within society. Values are so important to the development of the self because it helps practice healthy attitude and behavior; in fact, it allows individuals to create a positive social status. One must put their values to practice when they are interacting with others and when representing a body. The self development also needs beliefs so that it allows individuals to set goals and help accomplish them. We need to have beliefs to gain hope, prosper, and because it is a necessity in life. Without the belief in anything, one loses their mind, has nothing to aim for, and becomes selfish towards others. We can easily find belief in our communities, our schools, groups of people, and in our societies.



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