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How to Manage Yourself

Essay by   •  August 8, 2019  •  Course Note  •  313 Words (2 Pages)  •  484 Views

Essay Preview: How to Manage Yourself

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Dear Crush!

Appealing this to a girl, entered

newly in my vain, describing pain

entered my lecturer class she and left

the class Like glowing in the shine;

She left, rewinding her my mind

her interacting way was one of my kinds,

 tried to be special to her, but
I never can’t, I know somewhere

Fb, instagram, snapchat account checked I
Caught myself smiling, I got myself blind
Keeping questioning myself,

What’s so special about her; I decided

coming out of her, on the moment second
 kept thinking was only about her,

She parties with her friends
Wearing Brand those were in Trend
what a neophilia of fashion, she had

Just opposite, nature of me
keeping cozy myself with a jean

Got myself harsh, to the people 
 talking to her more confidentially
than me, Can’t really control 
sturdy feeling of mine

I am a strong person, I believe

but she’d lead an attack, my vain

my cerebrum, cerebellum all got insane

too dangerous for me, didn’t know

She’d a hostile, and I

With no arrow nor bow;

Veins surrended first, brain second

Still appealing my heart a lifeline

Spreaded news all over, she defeated too

My mind, Okay fine,

what a gusto of her, can’t define

Asked someone, is she fine

The scarlet color of your answering all, my child

Asked me he, is she fine

My smile answered and defines

She asked me all to give, was nothing
But I was ready to grant her anything

 Might be she hating me, who can tell

Without asking, this is how I proofed I;
 she became everything of mine

I support her, a Thousand times

Even if not I’d asked for, but
 she'll never get to know
Worst situations of mine, why but
even her voice makes that places divine



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