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How to Plan a Family Party

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Essay Preview: How to Plan a Family Party

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Ty Daugstrup

Professor Michaelian

College Writing I

18 October 2013

How to Plan a Family Party

Family parties are always fun and memorable most of the time but they can quickly turn opposite if some steps aren't followed. The process of planning a party takes a lot of time and focus to get every detail covered. First you need to figure out the big three questions where, who, when? It's also good to keep in your mind that these people are related to you so, choose wisely. After the big three questions there are a few details to the process that will please the family and yourself.

First of all, you must decide where you will have the party, maybe a clubhouse or your own home. Finding a place should be based on the size of your family. If it's a bigger family the house or clubhouse should have a lot of indoor space but more importantly a large outdoor area for kids and grilling out. For the smaller family a house is usually the best option, but you have to make sure there is a separation between the adults and children. The best way to separate kids with the adults is in the backyard or the basement of the house.

Now it is time to make a list of the people who will be attending. Make a list of everyone you want to attend and who may come with. You may want to allow everyone to bring a friend if they are single, or you suspect they will come alone. If they are the age of 60 or above fill out your invitations the old school way and get them in the mail at least two weeks before your event. If they are more technologically sound select them all in your contacts and create a group message on the IPhone.

Lastly you need to figure when is a good time for the whole family to meet that fits well with everyone's schedule.

"Summer tends to offer the most options when it comes to choosing dates for your get-together - that's an advantage and a drawback. Family members might have more time off they can devote to a reunion vacation, and kids don't have school to worry about."(Gough)

Summer is the ideal atmosphere when it comes to family gatherings. Having the party during summertime reduces the chance of kids going inside and lock on the TV. Nothing is better than a nice family cookout on a nice summer day. Timing is clutch when it comes to the summer because there is usually little hassle involved.

Now you are ready to get down to the details of the party. It is always a good idea to get with someone that your close with in your family to get advice on how you will decorate; what kind of food; and what games, etc. Be aware that sometimes the advice you get may not be what you want to hear, but that's just what happens with your related. Don't try to go overboard trying to plan the party, keep it simple and well organized to keep the less stress. Keep



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