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How to Search the Internet More Effectively

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Essay Preview: How to Search the Internet More Effectively

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How to search the internet more effectively.

I personally have never been "effective" at searching the internet and at times have become more than irritated at the computer. In saying this I have recently learnt some helpful tips on how to search the internet more effectively.

The use of quotations (""), using quotations in your search will allow the search to bring up all results with that particular wording. For example if I was to type in "buy jewellery online" it would only bring up the searches with that particular phrase.

Another useful tip is putting in the "OR" operator also known as Boolean operators (and, or, & not), by dong this you are not only being more precise in what you are searching for but this will allow you to more accurate results in the chosen search.

Google keywords: By simply typing in the words "keyword tool" into the Google search bar you can refine your search to more advanced criteria.

These helpful tips have reduced my searching time and also brought up more accurate results for my studies.

Following is a link to a helpful and informative you-tube video where I found these simple and easy tools to help make my internet searches more effective:



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