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Hr Management

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1.) If the Human Resource department is a strategic partner to the business, then there will be appropriate utilization of the human resources in a company, in order to direct them towards the goals. That can be an asset and an advantage for all people involved. A strategic plan will ensure that your people will carry out their own specific role in their assigned area of operation in partnership with other employees. Not only is it important for HR to participate in the corporate strategic planning process to further its understanding of business needs for the upcoming year, it is also important to align its own calendar and focus with the corporate agenda to support HR's position as a strategic partner. Profitability is one of the primary reasons why human resources management should be a strategic business partner. As a strategic business partner, human resources management gains support for enhancing employee skills and training employees to meet business demands. As a strategic business partner, human resources management can justify adequate funding for human resources activities. Funding for training, employee development, and competitive salaries and benefits packages strengthens the company's position. Also, human resources management can continue to shape out its rightful position as an integrative linkage of the business. It improves employees' and leadership's awareness of human resources. When we talk about strategy planning HR plays an important role in expansion of the existing business by implementing new products, services and technologies. They also have to deal with the recruiting, training and development of the employees. By implementing new ideas like skill analysis and task analysis they can figure out the employee and training needs for a particular business which helps them to achieve their objectives and goals.

2.) An active HR Professionals can understand employees, whose needs and expectations range A to Z. The HR professional can find ways to balance work and family issues, making both the company and its employees successful. Those include location compensation for work produced at home and transmitted over the Internet and encouraging organizational reliability and culture when employees are in virtual workplaces and highly sought after by competitors. Employees would be able to manage their own files and correct any mistaken information quickly and use the HR system and have less time waiting for chance to see and HR representative. HR would then focus more on training and educating their employees on new techniques or training them to use technology, machines or programs to be used for their jobs. Developing strategy based solely on the organization's capabilities related to production and revenue fails to take into consideration the company's resources that make it possible. HR modifies the recruitment policy and adds career counseling or training which is beneficial for



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