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Hr Management

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I think that the most important Human resource idea is the Pay and Benefits. For me and most workers, this is the reason that we have a job in the first place. We want to get paid well for the work and effort we contribute. If we do not feel like we are being compensated for our work properly then we will look elsewhere. My company is considered construction so my employees will have the option of being paid weekly or a percentage of each job. The benefits with being paid weekly, you can determine how much a week you will be paid by the hours you put in. The pros for being paid by the job are that you may be paid multiple times a week, determined by the number of jobs completed. Another pro would be that the bigger the job the more you will get paid. A con about getting paid this way is that if a big job does not get completed for two or three weeks then you will have to rely on your savings to get by.

The second most important idea that I learned about this week is the Training and Development. I think that training your employees the correct way that you want the work done is key to making everyone's life easier. First they will know what you are looking for and you will not get upset with them for not doing the job to your liking. This adds development to your business that will help you to expand your companies focus. I think once you train someone properly then you can start to expand in other areas related to your business. In my business I plan to train every new hire myself so they know specifically what I am looking for. Once they have it down and I can send crews out on their own I will hire another crew and train them in the landscape lighting department. I will continue this process throughout the success of my business. I do not want to limit my business to on specific thing.



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