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Hrm420 Training and Development

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Essay Preview: Hrm420 Training and Development

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HRM420 Training and Development

April Reid

Michelle K. Preiksaitis

DeVry University Online

Training Needs Assessment

Organizational analysis:

The organizational analysis will consist of upper and lower management, as well as the training staff from the Zoo Education Division and will also include *****, the Certified Adult Trainer for ABC Company, and ***** Education Division Manager. The analysis will focus on the group discussion and these topics: 1. Are the computer applications training(s) important to achieve our business objectives? 2. How does the computer applications training(s) apply to our charter statement? 3. Do you want to spend money on the computer applications training(s)? 4. How much are you willing to spend department to department and company wide on computer applications training(s)? 5. Do you have an adequate budget to cover the computer applications training(s) expenses? 6. Can the company ensure all managers are in support of the computer applications training(s)? This focus group discussion form can be found at Appendix A. The advantages of using a focus group for this discussion will be the ability to explore the needs and importance of current and future computer applications training(s) issues. It will also offer information provided for discussion forums with other unanticipated issues related to computer applications. A downside to using a focus group discussion is that is can be time consuming and employees might be hesitant to participate if the groups are not properly organized.

All information collected during the focus groups will be shared with all other employees, and a summary report of all data will be administered to all in attendance. Once all of the management, trainers, ****** and ****** have completed the focus groups, a more detailed discussions will follow to determine a specific scope, budget and anticipated outcome to computer applications training(s). Based on the outcome of the detailed discussions the management will enter into an agreement with the Zoo Education Division staff, ***** and ****** to begin development of a comprehensive computer applications training(s) program that has the full support of the management staff. As ABC Company has stated in their goal for a vital economy, they support the development of a sustainable economy. "A sustainable economy provides for the current economic needs of people and businesses in the region while preserving or creating economic opportunities for future generations." One of the first steps in this process will be the management conducting a detailed assessment of the current practices, budget constraints and staff availability at the Zoo's Education Division. This assessment will be developed with the assistance of ****** and ******* to determine the staff's level of KSA's with regards to computer application(s).

Task analysis:

The task analysis will focus on all employees, upper and lower management. ********* and ******* will be involved with this analysis during different levels of participation. This analysis will gather specific information in regards to tasks and KSA's that exist in the company to date. This will show ABC what areas need improvement and what training needs are necessary from this assessment. The first form for this will be a questionnaire that asks what applications each employee feels are the most important to the Zoo's Education Division and can be found in Appendix B. The advantage of this questionnaire is that valuable information can be obtained to determine which needs are the most important and what can be worked on at a later date. It will be to get a lot of information from the employees quickly and will be easy to compile all the information. Some downsides will be that some employees will not give enough details, the time it might take certain employees to finish the questionnaire and some employees will not touch on areas that might not be asked. It is important to include a section that allows for the employee to enter more information if a certain computer application is not listed.

The second form will be an observation of employees and how each employee handles specific items listed in the form on a regular basis. The biggest advantage is that ***** and ***** will be able to observe the employees from a distance without interfering with the employees work and provide information specific to the type of training that might be required. One problem is that if the employee knows they are being observed, they may do things differently so that ***** and ***** will not be able to see the areas that need attention.

Person analysis

The person analysis will focus on all employees within the division, no matter their level. This will concentrate on any lack of knowledge that is due to little or no training low morale or motivation, and lack of job structure and design. In order to determine the assessment needs the information gathered will be used to compile a statistical figure to determine what percentage of employees need the necessary training. Observation of each employee will also be done to determine the level of need for each employee. The observation will be conducted by ******* and *******. They will use a form similar to the one in Appendix C when completing the observations. The advantage and disadvantage have been explained in the previous section.


The analysis of the Zoo's Education Division is a detailed process that will involve all aspects of the division. It will involve upper and lower management, employees, trainers, ******** and *******. A huge benefit will be that each person involved in the analysis will be able to participate in the development of the training program and also be able to participate in the areas that are most important to them in the computer applications training(s), either one or all if needed. Once those involved have completed their training courses, they will be able to function without having to pull away someone from another area interfering with their work. Having more employees trained in the computer applications will help insure that future employees will be trained properly and the division will not have to rely solely on one or two people to do the necessary training.



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