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Employee Training and Career Development Paper

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Employee Training and Career Development

Employee training and career development are crucial for any company who wants to succeed with their employees. Specific employee training can help employees identify strengths, weaknesses, interests, and their values within the enterprise. A company that encourages career development for their staff will acquire employees who are great assets to the team.

Training in any company or organization is bound for success. “Training simply refers to the process of acquiring the essential skills required for a certain job.” (“Art of the Start,” 2014) Training on the job presents an exclusive opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all the employees. Everybody has weaknesses in their workplace skills. Any training program will strengthen the skills that each employee would need improvement. Training employees can help improve their morale within the company. They have the sense of accomplishment and job security when they have had on the job training. Employees who receive training from the business need less supervision which will be less wasted time and effort from the trainees. An organization's development with their training programs offers increased productivity. Well trained employees show quality performance which leads to promotions within the organization. "A structured training and development program ensures that employees have a consistent experience and background of the knowledge. Putting all employees through a regular training in these areas ensures that all staff members, at least, have exposure to the information.” (Frost, n.d., para.4). Having training programs in the workplace set each employee with measurable goals that can be achieved with the right teaching platforms.

Development methods in a company concentrate on larger skills that are used in a wider variety of situations. Decision making, leadership skills, and goal setting are key development methods used in the workplace. “Core training teaches new employees the basics of their job such as job duties, how to work employee software, company expectations and both company-wide and departmental goals.” (Jenkins, n.d. para. 2). This type of training gets the new employee the right start with the company by teaching him the needs to do his job. The personal development plans focus on the professional life of the employee. Each employee has their career goals to reach within their company or outside of the company. The employer and the employee will work together to achieve the goals which will encourage the employee to work harder within the company. Leadership training within an organization helps the corporations promote within the company and supports the employees to advance in their company. A company’s best workers get placed in the leadership training program, which will help them develop the right skills to become team leaders and supervisors. Any employee development will give the companies staff the opportunity to work to their highest level of potential. When an employer recognizes the potential of a person and then helps them develop their skills, the employee will work to their highest levels of ability.

Employee and organizational development work hand in hand. Employee development focuses on the long-term improvement of the individual and plays a substantial role in the organization's progress to change and innovation. Organizational development focuses on the system-wide changes and advancement of the society. Employee training



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