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Hs Teacher Case

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Essay Preview: Hs Teacher Case

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I think that a well-planned lesson can prevent a teacher from assigning an excessive amount of homework. Because every school day will have unexpected interruptions, the teacher should plan in two ways: what the students will actually learn and what they should learn. It is unrealistic to plan for every student to grasp every objective in every lesson. This is considered to be the "what they should learn" part of the lesson. The "what the students will actually learn" falls somewhere in the middle of what they actually learn and what you plan for them to learn. It is often suggested that teachers teach to the average student but this isn't always an effective classroom strategy. Although no teacher can predict how well the students will be able to grasp concepts that can be taught, the teacher should be able to implement strategies that would allow the student to be the most successful. I think that staff planning time collectively as a team allows teachers to share teaching strategies that have worked in the classroom. An incorporation of diverse teaching strategies can ensure that each student is able to minimally understand the background of the lesson.The students are more likely to be able to commit the concept to long-term memory if they are able to apply the lesson to a real life situation.



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