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Lote Teacher Case

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Essay Preview: Lote Teacher Case

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The interest in being a LOTE teacher was just an idea at the beginning of university until I started to engage more in the language and was fascinated by everything I have learned about the Chinese language and culture I hope to share my knowledge and passion with students in the near future. I have structure my cover letter the way I did was by making it nice and simple, trying not to go over the limit of four paragraphs. I did check for errors, spell checks and grammar checks. It is difficult to write a great cover letter when you don't have any experience in the field. I could only write the basics of a cover letter such as write the recipient's name and address, the date and address the recipient, where I got the advertisement from, my qualifications and a closing, I didn't want to overload it with information. Originally my resume was tailored to part time jobs with a Chronological format which I did not change. I have included an objective of my passion for teaching, my qualifications on being a LOTE teacher, education and experiences. I did not add any references as the employer should ask for it according to the teachers resume format.I wasn't really sure what i should of added. The confusion of writing a resume tailored to a teachers resume... Once i have accepted an interview,i do not overlook the necessary preparation steps that will help me achieve interview success.



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