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Huck Finn

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Essay Preview: Huck Finn

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Intro to Soci

Name __Carl Lewis__________________

Quick Quiz: Chapter 2


Multiple Choice

1. Sociologists define a symbol as: P 42

a. cultural patterns that cause culture shock. c. any gesture that conveys insult to others.

b. any element of material culture. d. anything that carries a meaning to people who share a culture.

2. Standards by which people who share culture define what is desirable, good, and beautiful are called: p44

a. folkways. c. mores.

b. norms. d. values.

3. __________ distinguish between right and wrong; __________ distinguish between polite and rude. P 47

a. Mores; folkways c. Folkways; mores

b. Taboos; mores d. Prescriptive norms; proscriptive norms

4. In hunting and gathering societies: P 48

a. men and women do almost entirely the same tasks. c. men and women work together as hunters.

b. men hunt animals while women gather vegetation. d. women hunt animals while men gather vegetation.

5. The spread of virtual culture means that culture is now less likely to be:

a. passed down from one generation to the next. c. based on made-up heroes.

b. viewed on a screen. d. All of the above are correct.

6. The term "subculture" refers to:

a. popular culture. c. high culture.

b. culture of the past. d. cultural patterns that set apart a segment of a society's population.

7. Ethnocentrism refers to:

a. judging another culture as better than one's own. c. taking pride in one's ethnicity.

b. judging another culture by the standards of one's d. judging another culture by its own

own culture. standards.


__true_______ 8. Humans have used culture as a strategy for survival for at least 12,000 years. P 40

_____true____ 9. The United States has a popular culture, but not a high culture. P 50



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