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Huck Finn Essay

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Mark Twain is a genius in letting us see the world through Huck's eyes. Huck is a child and everything is new to him. Everything he learns he tries to understand it and question it. Huck 's youth excuses him for thinking and questioning the way he does about religion, society, and slavery.

At first Huck tries religion. He does this because of Ms. Watson but says its useless after he tries and prays but doesn't get what he prayed for. He further realizes that religion is useless and full of scams through the king at the camp revival. Huck learns people are blinded by the respect of religion and can't tell that their being scammed. Huck thinks religion is impractical and states he will go to hell if he has to in helping his black friend Jim escape.

As Huck learns more and more he questions what society has taught him. Society has taught him that helping a black person escape is the worst thing that you could do. Huck believes it just seems right to help Jim escape. It's the only fair thing that he could do after all Jim has done and sacrificed for him. When meeting the slave hunters he learns that lieing is sometimes the right way if it helps someone.

Huck learns that slavery is wrong through Jim. Jim has sacrificed more than he can and acted as a father figure for Huck to look up to. He did more for Huck than Pap did. Jim is put under white society even though its so low and corrupt.

In questioning everything Huck shows that everyone can become their own person and think for him or herself. Instead of following everyone else Huck shows us that its best to do what feels right. He shows that although religion brings people together it also has impracticalities that blind people.



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