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Human Resources Partnerhip

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As HR role is becoming vital for any business success from being a strategic partner to mission, vision and organization targets ownership ,, HR must quantify in numbers the difference they are making between ( where we were,, where are we,, and where do intend to be,, )

while implementing their HR business plan and quantify the same in numbers, figures and $$.

Strategically:- As HR Manager/ Director, Strategic role would be to examine the whole organization from Strategic perspective level ( org. strategic business plan,, true vision& mission and future outlook to achieve certain targets being expansion, new ventures, projects, or vertical increase in certain areas, surrounding market competitions, external and internal supporting or threatening factors. This examination should be carried out in conjunction with top senior management. (through LOQ; listen, observe and question then later to promote HR Business plan which is going to make tangible quantifiable difference )

Operational:- to cooperate and coordinate with line managers at day-to-day operational/ transactional level in implementing agreed HR plan and earn internal customers satisfaction to HR solutions being provided ( Right Workforce planning, Right Recruitment and selection, Right Reward& Benefits, Right Performance Management, Right Training, Right HSE) carried out through SLA; Service Level Agreements, KPI's, ISO quality assurance, defining the proper policies& procedures, SOP ( standard operational procedures) processes ,HRIS systems, approaches, techniques in order to carry out all HR functions.

Administering and managing all above with most certified professional systems which is clearly defined, refined, approved and COMMUNICATED from top management to all staff utilizing Right Technology.

As a result of this scenario all HR functions become in alignment with organization strategic business plan.

The HR in Charge would quantify the difference they are making through all functions and processes by simplified calculations, for example :-

1- Systems, processes Automation from recruitment, training, communicating, intranet. Reducing time, efforts, saving money for all stakeholders to ask,

and answer unlimited queries from present, or new hires.

2- Recruitment strategy, policies, procedures made clear, communicated, utilizing psychometric, psychoanalysis, skills check, cost; in relation to all areas, Profit made by retention

strategies of high performing staff, cost of replacement, cost of new hires, profit made by promoting internally; utilizing internal equity, cost of hire from

external equity.

3- Profit made by doing internal training by senior staff, or in-house training



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