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"How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife" is a story written by the highly acclaimed Filipino writer Manuel E. Arguilla about a man who comes home to his province to introduce his wife from the city to his family.

The story reflects some of the Filipino traits like hospitality, care and on how we Filipinos love. It also pictured in the story that some parents doubt their child's wife/husband so on the first place they are challenging him/her, and if he/she passed, he/she is now welcome to the family.

Hospitality, which is the most common of the Filipino traits shows in this story. If we are aware that we will be having visitors, we do our best to give them the best that we can do. We are preparing yhe best dishes, the most comfortable sits and the most fresh and clean area for them. We welcome them with so much glad and treat them not as a stranger but as a family. We Filipinos are hospitable.

It also reflects how great we Filipinos are in the name of love that we are ready to fight and face every challenges that may come into our relationship. No matter what happens, even the world is against we still hold on to the person we love for love has no reason. We are willing to accept everything about the man/woman we love, the kind of family and life he/she has and in what place he/she belongs, it's either in the city or in the ptovince. It doesn't matter how hard life is, the important is they are together as one and live together and forever. That's the spirit of love we Filipinos shared and hold on.

There are also instances that on the first time when meeting the prents of the one we love, it made us anxious. we are thinking they may not like and accept us. This shows of having conflicts between the family of the man/woman we are going to marry so some parents challenge their in-laws and if they passed they are ready and willing to embrace him/her as a part and one of them.



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