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Essay Preview: Humanity

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Cuánto tiempo hace que estudias español? Everyone will conform to the world around them. If you are associated with society, it is impossible not to change based on how you are viewed by the masses, and we constantly change ourselves in numerous different ways to fit in, or not to fit in.

When we, as humans, focus on any singular person, or society, we tend to change to better fit in. Even in our own households, children share numerous beliefs with their parents, and think in a similar way to their parents because that is what they see. In society, we see that we should behave a certain way, dress a certain way, and look a certain way, and the human mind makes us do everything we can to fit in. Those who don’t want to fit in with society still conform to it in a way. By doing the opposite of what society teaches, you are still limiting yourself to be a certain type of person, and simply trying to oppose anything society teaches.

Humanity was created naturally, neither for our individual selves, nor by our individual selves. Therefore, we must change to the world surrounding us. In order to live the life we wish to live, we either try to fit in with society, or to not fit in with society. And whichever path someone chooses to take, they have to adapt to society. If we want to become a famous, rich, well known person, we have to do what society thinks is cool, do what society thinks is valuable, and act how society thinks we act. If we want to blaze our own trail, and not care about how others view us, we change our way of thinking to intentionally not fit in, possibly limiting our abilities as humans.

Society, happiness, and individuality are all very weird ideas, and we do whatever we can to make ourselves the happiest we can be. Fitting in is a natural human instinct, and we will completely change who we are, without even realizing, to be exactly who society thinks we should be.



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