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Humans and the Enviornemnt

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Essay Preview: Humans and the Enviornemnt

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Human and the envoirnment

Dear fancy government people,

Humans, in my opinion have negatively impacted on the environment. A favorable environment is a place with all items needed to survive, such as water, a source of energy, shelter, and oxygen. All of these necessities are what a living organisms need. One of those necessities I just named was water. Water has so many important features; here are many types of water. One of these important types of water is ground water. Ground water is important because it keeps plants and crops alive. Which can become our food. The part of the ground water that is held within openings is called soil water. Which is also important. The most important kind of water is surface water (in my opinion). We practically live on surface water. We drink it. You can't live two days without drinking water. We also bathe in it, to keep our high gene intact, as well as playing in water. We swim in water, play water polo, and even fish. There are three reasons I decided that humans were negatively impacting the environment. The first reason was that chemicals and bacteria from leaking landfills could pollute ground water. The second reason is that fertilizers and other chemicals used on cropland wash into soil when it rains and eventually enters ground water. The last reason is some septic systems contaminate ground water with harmful bacteria.

There were two key places that show how human's negativity impacted on water and the environment. One of these places was El Salvador. El Salvador had an earth quake not too long ago. Then there water over flowed out of their wells. Hence there decision was to bury all the sewage and garbage. Which was very bad for the environment. The second place to show how humans are negatively affecting the environment was in the Cuyahoga River. Where so much pollution like oil and debris are wasted. There eventually was a fire in that started on the river. This was so terrifying because it was destroying everything around it, meaning animals were dying because there was no water supply and no shelter. Worst of all there was no solution because if water is on fire, nothing can be used to stop it. Humans obviously caused this, which was a negative impact. It wasn't any body's fault in El Salvador for the earthquake, but it was terrible Idea to bury the sewage and the garbage.



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