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Humans or Sex Objects

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Humans or Sex Objects

Hey You, Yes I am talking to you. Do you know that while you are sipping your cup of tea, there's a trade flourishing without you even getting a hint of it? And that trade is called 'Human Trafficking'. If you still feel that what I am talking is rubbish, then let's get to terms with the reality. This is the 3rd largest organized crime in the world and a 10million dollar industry. Shocked, Right??

For us, Sex is a pleasure. We see it as an enjoyment. But then, ask them. Because, for them it's a norm. It's fun to talk about porn industry or joke about red light areas, but then it's not fun for them. Some of us have a perception that they are in this industry by their own choice or they love this job. But, the reality is they are forced into it. It's slavery for them, and that too 'Sexual Slavery'. If this is not true, then how come 3-4 year old girls end up in this industry? Do they like all this? The fact is probably they do not even understand what all they are going through. There have been girls, who have been raped by umpteen no. of men. These men are not there to befriend them or make them their wives. But they are there to use them for an hour or so and then throw them away. They are the ones who defy the sole concept of Humanity.

Imagine the pain these 'sexual slaves' go through when chili powder is inserted in their vagina or their body parts being burnt by cigarettes. It's not pleasing for sure. The fact is that such inhumane acts are so common that mostly all prostitutes go through this. And if they resist all this then they are humiliated, beaten and sometimes even killed. So what can she do? The fact is 'She adapts herself to all this'. She, after some time becomes so used to with all this that for her, living like a 'Sex-Object' becomes normal. It's normal for her to be raped by men daily and being subjugated to inhuman acts. Rather it's abnormal for her to even think of living a life, where women are respected or are treated with dignity.

But the real problem is not only this. The real problem lies within us too. 'We-The Society' are an equal perpetrator in this crime. There are many organizations working for rescuing these enslaved women from this horrendous industry. One such group is Hyderabad based 'Prajwala' started by Dr. Sunitha Krishnan, who herself was gang-raped when she was 15 and that is what has been the driving force for her to rescue women from this industry. She says that it's very fashionable to talk about prostitution or make films on it, but it's not nice for us in the society to accept these victims as one of us. It's not nice to bring them home or let our children study with theirs.

We are a 'dual faced' society. We believe in philanthropy or talk loud about being modern and sensible, but



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