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I Love Learning

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I love learning. Gaining wisdom and studying this immense world around me is completely captivating. Being in a class where I'm able to take something from it everyday is exciting. I learn new things about people from the present and past, my peers, family, and most importantly, I learn more about myself. Learning new techniques and tidbits daily reminds me how grateful I am to have such a positive influence in my life with something some individuals see as a simple and easy subject--art. Growing up and developing into the person I am today, art is what helped me learn as a child. It aided me in gaining a better understanding in topics in school, such as reading and math, and in social situations from pre-school to high school. Now, being eighteen years old, art assists me in understanding my surroundings. Various art forms have positively influenced me, but visual art is what I most enjoy investing my time producing. I can undoubtedly say, that art has successfully brought me into the light during dark times. It's empowering, the feeling I get after finishing a piece, and art is tremendously valuable to me in my life, and happens to be the source of my happiness and is particularly meaningful to me.



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