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Why Is It Important for Us to Love Learning?

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Essay Preview: Why Is It Important for Us to Love Learning?

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Everyone has once in their lifetime asked themselves 'when are we ever going to stop learning,' the answer would most likely be that we never stop learning. Once we are able to love learning than we are able to strengthen are "spiritual and personal development" (Elder. Bednar 2008 p. 32). Being members of the church it is important for us to learn and actually enjoy it because like Bednar says it is "Central to the gospel of Jesus Christ." (Elder. Bednar 2008 p. 32). Heavenly Father gives us many opportunities to learn and experience things as long as we are listening to the words from Jesus Christ brought by the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost plays a major role in our lives because he will "reveal and witness the truth of all things and bring all things to our remembrance." So as long as we are heading the words of Christ and listening to the Spirit we will be able to learn more and learn to love it. In Moroni 10:5 it simply says that by the power of the Holy Ghost we will know the "the truth of all things." It is important that we obtain the knowledge in this life of the Gospel and everything around it.

If we make the love of learning central to your life than we make it easier for us to learn and understand the blessing we can obtain by living the Gospel. Elder Bednar (2008) goes on saying "Understanding who we are, where we came from, and why we are on the earth places upon each of us a great responsibility both to learn how to learn and to learn to love learning" (p. 33). By finding out those simple yet hard things we are able to learn and it is important that we grow to love learning these things. The sooner we do learn about those questions the sooner we are able to understand why we are here on this earth. When we learn things and actually understand it we become better at living the way we should. It is important for us to never stop learning because like what Elder Bednar (2008) said it is "Vital to our ongoing Spiritual and Personal Development" (p. 33). We should share our knowledge that we have and the things that we have learned to use, we shouldn't waste all of this information. It will give you the opportunity to grow in places that need growing.

The phrase we often say "I learn something new every day" is indeed just that. We are always learning. Whether it is in school, church, work, or even just spending time with friends and family, we are always having the opportunity to learn we just have to be open to hearing and understanding. In Preach My Gospel it says "While learning from a good teacher is very important it is more important for you to have meaningful learning experiences on your own." When we have meaningful learning experiences on our own time we tend to comprehend it better and usually store it in a place where we can easily remember. Most people use their brain to just learn but if you think about it when we learn something very important to us we store it away in our hearts. The heart is just like the Gospel, if you think about it, "the heart is our spiritual core" (Tanner, 2007 p.419). Sister Tanner goes on saying that "Learning by Heart in its richest sense is a gospel duty" (p.419). Learning with your heart leaves more of an impact than learning with your mind. What we store in our hearts is information and things we have experienced in our lives that will never be forgotten. That is why they say when we learn with our hearts we will retain more and have a better understanding. My mom taught me something that to this day I'll never forget when it comes to watching R rated movies; and it was a huge learning experience because I never once thought to think about it like this. So it all came down to this one question I asked my mom which was "Why can't we just watch it, it only has a little bit of swearing or a little bit of violence." And my mom being the knowledgeable women that she is said this... "Let me ask you this... Would you eat a Brownie I gave you?" Me- "Well ya why wouldn't I?" Mom- "Well what if I told you there was a little bit of poop in it, would you still eat it?." I looked at my mom like she was crazy and said "well of course I wouldn't, would you?" She continued to say "So think of the brownie being the R rated movies... There's only a little bit of poop, "Violence" or a little bit of "Swearing".



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