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Impact of Social Media on Adult

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Essay Preview: Impact of Social Media on Adult

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                                           Impact of Social Media on Adult


 Social media is an electronic form of communication (such as websites for social networking

 and micro blogging through which users create online communities to share information

ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos)    via sites such as twitter, face

book ,  instagramm ,whatspps ,Skype etc

 Due to development of this sites industries such telecommunications ,business, security

sector, transport sectors education has highly developed and expanded at high rate .This sites

have become peoples day to day routine ,  every person can access information despite the

age,location, and time .Social networking has brought both negative and positive impact on

 society depending  on the way they being used

Effects of Social Media on Adult

The recently  research shows that more than 90% of college students uses social media, most

of  them having pocket laptops, ipads, computers, phones and    laptops which can access

internet. Social networking has brought collaboration among the students , now students can

share information through sites like face book, twitter, instagram instead of spending most of

their time sending text to their friends. Students can make an effective discussion in a

social group and come up with solutions of  a various topics. This enhances sharing of

 information among students, different student views and thought are brought together and

 this  boasts class work hence enhancing education. Students can now do practical work

instead of doing paper work only. Students  can make blogs and websites for their teachers

and for themselves to enhance their knowledge skills. Teachers can now post on class

 activities, assignment ,class events on social media and  most student are able to get the

information easily and participate. Those student who don’t show up most classes are able to

 access information taught at class via social network, they can be helped to do hard topics by

their fellow students via social media hence enhancing their understanding

Although social media have brought positive impacts on lives of many, there are some

negative effects that have been brought by misuse of  social network.

Nowadays both youths and adult research has shown that they are spending countless hours

on social networking. Most using their phones are spending half a day online chatting with

 their friends, other watching movies online, others watching  photos and images online. A

group of teenagers  are spending a lot of time on social media playing games  with their

friends.  This diverts their attention, concentration and focus from particular roles. This has

 led to  low to  grades to student because they don’t spend their enough time to do revision

 instead of spending their time doing nasty  things on social media. Many relationship have

 broken up as many couples are spending most of time on internet instead of discussing on

family issues.

In general the country economy is declining because the potential youths don’t concentrate

on factors that enhances growth of economy instead they much concentrated on social media.



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