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Social Media Impact on Students

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Essay Preview: Social Media Impact on Students

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Madeleine DL. Montevirgen                                                 Nov. 13, 2017

ENG 2 B1                         



Students should minimize the usage of social media because it causes a decline in one’s social intervention in real life, productivity and health.

Social media is an instrument of communication and used socially. According to William Little and Ron McGivern, socialization is the process through which people are taught to be proficient members of a society. Meaning that people is learned how to interact in the terms of the society’s standards and values. As we all know, social media is a tool for making our lives easier,a platform for communicating to other people, and a medium for educational purposes  but there are also problems that arises like social media addiction. According to Boyd and Ellison, social network site or social media is a web based service which allows people to sign up in a bounded system, articulating group of people within the same system so as to share personal or academic related information.  The impact of social media to students are very evident like freedom of speech, vast learning opportunities, and  exposure to different lifestyles. But this also have a darker side; social media causes a decline in one’s social intervention in real life, productivity and health and this should be minimized.


that by giving one’s fullest potential, it can learn what they really want to be. According to students it (social media) is an outlet for their feelings.

Some students says that it allows them to be “get exposed to a range of lifestyles” and to “educate [themselves] on important topics”. As a student myself, I agree on this because it is true and I got to know the different kinds of lifestyle of people and this help me hone myself in what do I really want in the future. It is also used in educating ourselves so that we can feed up our curious minds. It is a tool for communication because it can help family and friends to reconnect or catch up their lives. It is a means to connect with people. It is also used by teachers and students so they can communicate outside the class hours.

Social media gives negative perspective because it is broad and it may have chance to connect with people, meet with strangers which can sometimes be a dangerous thing. It has negative effects because overall in can affect your physical,emotional and mental health. Though social media has bad impact on relationship within the family, it also has a good one but it is being overthrown by negative effects. Social media may taint the relationship within the family because of the people in it (social media) by giving negative comments and such, texting or chatting with friends instead of having a conversation with the family during meal time and spend a quality time with the family.

One of the bad effects of social media is a decline in productivity of an individual. “Individuals visit social media sites to engage in many different types of entertainment and social activity including playing games, socializing, passing time, communicating, and posting

pictures” (Allen, Ryan, Gray, Mclnerney, &Waters, 2014; Ryan, Chester,

Reece, & Xenos, 2014). Low performance in academics of an individual affects the people around him. Academic grades are very important to the students because it is a standard set by the society in which a standard that depicts if you are intelligent. Students strive/thrive hard to be in that standard that they mostly forgot to develop their character. In this period, electronic devices and innovations are at its peak, social media thus are in the system of the student. It may cause distraction if used in an unjustifiable.amount of time and in wrong ways. Like a domino effect, if the student got low grades this may cause the parents to be angry, then be in a bad position. It may affect the relationship within the family then back at the student's well being.

According to the survey conducted by Sudha and Kavitha, the faculty members’ perception on negative impact of SNS on students’ academic performances have lower means which ranges from 2.00 to 3.35. More number of faculty members felt that the addiction to SNSs is problematic issue that affects the students’ academic life and using SNSs require spending money and are wastage of time and by this way it will affect the students’ academic life. Less number of faculty members mentioned about the influence of SNS cause academic performance of students negatively, because they distract from the students’ studies.



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