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Improving Job Satisfaction & Morale Through Effective Communication

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Essay Preview: Improving Job Satisfaction & Morale Through Effective Communication

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Topic Introduction

The "grapevine" or "rumor mill" is part of any company's communication structure. Rumor mills enable employees to share information about the company where one works, while also contributing to the morale of the work environment. Communication is an essential element of the work environment. It is important for employees to be able to communicate with each other. It is critical for the employer to effectively communicate with employees. Without effective communication, an employer risks letting the rumor mill run rampant, jeopardizing morale and performance. Accordingly, job satisfaction and morale can be improved through effective communication by employers.


It is important to study how improving job satisfaction through communication affects motivation, performance and productivity. A workplace where employees are cherished and wanted is essential for job satisfaction. This requirement includes the involvement of employees in goal setting, planning, and problem solving, showing respect for diverse ideas and opinions, giving and taking honest and constructive feedback, arranging for mentoring facilities, and sharing as much information as possible with employees. In business, high employee morale is essential to success. When morale is lowered, so is productivity. As productivity decreases, profitability for the organization decreases.

Research Focus

The main reason to research improving job satisfaction and morale through effective communication is to find the correlation between the methods of communication and distinguish which form is most effective in improving morale within the workplace. Communication is frequently identified by employees as a key missing link to maximum productivity and job satisfaction. Satisfied employees tend to be more productive and committed to work and their employers. Organizations that create work environments that attract, motivate and retain hard-working individuals will be better positioned to succeed in a competitive business industry.

Research Results

Methods of Communication Examples Effects on Morale

Criteria for Selection

Written 1. surveys

1. increases morale (Sanchez, 2004) 1. employees voice concerns, making management aware (Sanchez, 2004)

Oral 1. negotiating results

2. praise

1. Employees feel involved (Crom, 2000).

2. morale



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