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Indian Automobile Sector

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Essay Preview: Indian Automobile Sector

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The Automobile Sector is a rapidly growing sector in India with a steady growth rate of approximately 13% over the last few years. The Indian Automobile industry is expected to grow at a rate 15-16% in the financial year 2011-2012. According to a study Indian Automobile Industry will overtake the European market and become the 4th largest by 2015. The sector constitutes 5% of the GDP of India and this number is expected to go up to 10% by 2016.

Few reasons are mainly responsible for such a rapid growth in the sector. Some of them are :-

* Growth of Indian middle-class.

* Availability and low cost finance.

* Development of the infrastructure.

* Opening up the economy to the foreign players.

* Privatization and Liberalization facilitated Indian players to enter the industry.

Before discussing the job opportunities let's see how is our automobile sector is constituted by various class of vehicles with the help of a pie chart :-

Job Opportunities In The Sector

The various Job opportunities available for MBA's in the sector are:-

1)Marketing- Marketing is required in every type of organization. In the automobile industry market plays a very important role as selling a car is not an easy task being such a product that people survey a lot before making a purchase. Hence the marketing has a key role in the industry.

2)Management in the manufacturing- The manufacturing process is a very vast process and hence requires a lot of management at every step of the process to manage the workers the sellers from where raw materials are purchased.

3)Human Resources- Every company in the industry requires a large work force and hence requires someone to manage the work force i.e. employing, training, role defining etc.

4)I.T- Automobile production and selling requires a lot of I.T skills which are obtained through hiring I.T officials and managers from the same field as well to manage them.

5)Administration- Every company has its own administration and management is required.

6)Finance- The automobile company involves a lot of funds as the investment and the turnovers are very high hence requires high level management.



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